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The Bishop Baraga Association (BBA) was founded in 1930 to promote the Cause for the Canonization of Venerable Frederic Baraga, the first Bishop of Sault Saint Marie, MI which is now the Diocese of Marquette, by making better known to the world the spiritual and temporal works of this devout man.  
It is the goal of the BBA that as people gain knowledge of Bishop Baraga’s life and labors throughout the Upper Peninsula and beyond, they too will have their own personal encounter with Jesus Christ.
In January 2018, the Association began a $500,000 capital campaign for the renovation of the Baraga House, where he lived the last two years of his life.  On August 18, 2018 the Baraga Educational Center opened to the public.  The Center is located in the renovated Baraga House.  It serves as a museum for the artifacts and tools used by Venerable Bishop Baraga during his ministry, as well as office space for the Bishop Baraga Association. 
Celebrate the life of the Snowshoe Priest with your end of the year contribution to help us raise the final $10,000 needed to complete this campaign.  Currently there is a dollar for dollar match, up to $10,000 in donations, being offered by the Bishop Baraga Association.  Your contribution is important to the success of this project.   
For additional information or to support this endeavor please contact Len McKeen, Executive Director at
906-227-9117 or email Send contributions to:



Bishop Baraga Association
615 S Fourth Street
Marquette, MI 49855

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We are in the process of opening an inquiry into a new case that will be submitted for review to Rome once the investigation is complete.
We ask for your continued prayers and support as we work towards the beatification and canonization of this saintly man.  May we all live with the same passion and zeal for our faith as Bishop Baraga.
God Bless,
Len McKeen

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Baraga Educational Center Hours
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Evenings and Weekends by Appointment
Mailing Address:615 S Fourth Street,
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Bishop Baraga Association Contacts

Lenora McKeen: Executive Director of the Bishop Baraga Association
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Very Rev. Timothy Ferguson: Chaplin
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Cassie LaTourneau: Administrative Assistant
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