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Welcome to our Catholic Schools page,
"The ways of the Lord are not comfortable. But we were not created for comfort, but for greatness." - Pope Benedict XVI
Everyone is called to greatness. Striving for greatness is at the heart of a virtue called "magnanimity," which means "greatness of soul." This is the virtue by which each person pursues what is great and honourable in their life, even if it is difficult. In our Catholic Schools we work to graduate students who possess this “greatness of soul” or virtue of magnanimity.
This is not opposed to humility. The magnanimous person pursues greatness in proportion to his ability. He humbly takes stock of all the gifts that God has given him and seeks to use them as best he can. Indeed, the magnanimous person continuously strives to perfect the virtues in all areas of his life. He is not content with simply being good. He reaches out toward excellence.
The foundations of this virtue is formed in the families we serve. We are grateful to partner with our families in this beautiful mission of forming and raising the next generation of Saints.
We achieve our mission by being real communities of charity who exemplify teamwork and unity. The climate in our schools is different, ask our parents.
We are grateful to our school staffs and volunteers who are awesome faith filled people who witness to their love of children and each other constantly throughout the day. 
 We invite you to visit our schools and witness the joy-filled hearts of our students and the greatness of soul that we are striving to achieve.

God bless,

Mark Salisbury
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Foundations Document for the Catholic School Curriculum of the
Diocese of Marquette
Our parish schools are currently transitioning into a new Catholic curriculum. In 2014, Bishop John Doerfler approved the foundations document for the Catholic school curriculum. Click here to view.


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