Divine Worship Presentations


Free Catechetical Presentations on the Mass can be brought to your parish by Deacon Tom Foye.  The length and topics can be customized to fit your individual parish needs.  The education level is appropriate for any parishioner. A few are:

The Nature of the Liturgy: Where “the Already” meets the “Not Yet” (45 minutes).  What is the Mass, what is it’s nature and why is this important?

Preferred Hand Position during the Our Father (30 minutes)  Why the Orans position for the people and Holding Hands are NOT preferred.

Scriptural Influences within the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (1 hour)  How much of the Mass is based upon sacred scripture?

The Purpose and History of the Roman Missal:  Where is my Libelli? (1 hour)  What are the roots of the Roman Missal and Lectionary?

To request these or anything else, please email Deacon Tom by clicking on the link under his name above.




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