A note from Most Rev. Alexander K. Sample, former bishop of the Diocese of Marquette,
on becoming a priest

A photo of Bishop Alexander K. Sample


As Bishop of the Diocese of Marquette, my responsibility is to shepherd the people of God in the Diocese of Marquette. I share this responsibility with our priests, with whom I have a fraternal bond in Christ. In different ways, I share this with our religious and lay persons. All of us have roles and responsibilities to continue the saving mission of Christ.

I was ordained a Catholic priest in 1990, and this was a joyous and heartwarming occasion for my family, friends, and parishioners. I knew that God’s call grew stronger and more clear after college and during graduate school. I said yes.

I was ordained and installed as the twelfth bishop for the Diocese of Marquette on January 25, 2006. The events which led to my becoming a bishop were full of grace and I’m still taking it all in. Pope Benedict named me bishop, for our diocese, in which I had already served for fifteen years. For a time, I was the youngest bishop in the country. . . some said a “baby bishop.” I know that God is working through me for the greater good of His will. With a deep faith and trust in God, I will continue to say yes.

I hope that my short vocation story is helpful as you discern and respond to God’s call in your life of faith. This website will provide you with some answers to your questions and provide direction and contact information. Have you ever thought about becoming a priest? If so, have faith and trust in God’s plan for you. Say yes.


Father Greg Heikkala, vocations director, reflects on life as a priest

Father Greg Heikkala


Priesthood is a holy life. Committed to Christ, I and our priests proclaim the Word of God, celebrate the Holy Eucharist and church sacraments, and pray with and point to the mystery of God in the joys and sorrows in the everyday lives of our people.

Priesthood is satisfying and worthwhile. After sixteen years as a priest, I have the sense of an ever deepening and meaningful relationship with our Lord. I would do it all over again.

Priesthood is important. We need holy, healthy, happy and dedicated priests for service in our rural diocese. This is where my role as a vocation director comes alive. Have you ever thought about becoming a priest? If so, please pray, visit with a priest or religious, participate in Mass and the sacraments, and take the next step.

As vocation director, you are most welcome to contact me if you are discerning a call to the priesthood. My e-mail is gheikkala@dioceseofmarquette.org. My number is 1-800-562-9745 ext. 112. Pray and trust in God’s call for you.

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