Administration & Finance Policy Manual


Audit Penalty Policy (Approved 6/27/06)
Concealed Weapons Decree (Eff 01/01/16)
COVID-19 Response Plan Template - Parishes (Updated 10/09/2020)
COVID-19 Response Plan Template - Schools (Updated 10/20/2020)
Extraordinary Administration Policy (Eff 5/1/16)
Financial Audits of Parishes, Policy for (Eff 3/9/01)
Financial Transactions Policy Manual (Eff 7/1/20)                                                                           
Gift Acceptance Policy (Est 5/20/04)
Health Care Plan, Participation in Michigan Catholic Conference (Adopted 11/1/89)
Mass Offering Policy (Est 5/22/00)
Open Door Policy (Est 10/11/16)
Parish Accounting Manual (Revised 7/1/16)
Parish Investment Policy (Clarified 8/27/15)
Political Endorsement Policy  (Effective 7/1/2019)
Priests Compensation, Policy for Reporting (Civil Law) (8/97)
Salary Schedule for Priests 2020-2021 & Misc. Non-Salary Item (Eff 7/1/20)
Diocese of Marquette Spending Policy (Eff 1/8/20)
Diocese of Marquette Spending Policy - Endowments (Eff 1/8/20)
Standardized Personnel Policy Template (Eff 7/1/2018)
New! Standardized Personnel Policy - Supplemental Policy Template (Eff 7/1/18)
Women Religious Compensation 2019-20 (Eff 7/1/19)
Underground Storage Tanks (Eff 10/28/96)



Forms & Resources

2019 Group Ruling (Tax Exemption), Memo & OCD (Updated 1/7/19)
2020 Parish Governance Report (Fillable)
Annual Priest Salary & Deduction Form
Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit Form (Revised 8/13)
Bag Control Log
Collection Bag Order Form (Updated 1/1/17)
Collection Counting Sheet (Updated 1/1/17)
Combined Collection Transmittal Form
Daily COVID-19 Screening Form - Parishes (Updated 10/09/2020)
Daily COVID-19 Screening Form - Schools (Updated 10/20/2020)
Daily COVID-19 Screening Form (Parish/School) ONLINE (Updated 10/22/2020) DOM Performance Eval (Completed by Employee)
DOM Performance Eval (Completed by Supervisor)
Employee Injury Report Form (Eff 6/13)
Employee Travel Voucher (Eff 1/1/20)
Employment Application (Revised 6/30/06)
Financial Transactions Approval Request Form (Eff 5/1/16)
Hold Harmless Agreement Projects Over $100,000 (Revised 7/17)
Hold Harmless Agreement Projects Under $100,000 (Revised 7/17)
Investment Pool Participation Agreement (Revised 2/20/14)
Investment Pool Deposit/Withdrawal Form (Updated 6/1/15)
Member Change Form
Michigan Sales Tax Cover (Adopted 1/00)
Michigan Sales Tax Sample Certificate
Needy Parish - School Fund Loan Application (Revised 5/11)
Needy Parish - School Loan Criteria (Updated 5/11)
Parish Internal Control, Single Gift Acknowledgement Form
Personnel File Checklist (Eff 1/15/15)
Priest Accountable Reimbursement Report (Eff 1/1/20)
Sample Job Descriptions
Single Gift Acknowledgement Form (Revised 10/15/15)
W-9 Request for Taxpayer ID # & Certification (Revised 1/8/16)

Guidelines & Procedures

Diocesan Pastoral Council Guidelines (Revised 9/12/08)
Investment Pool Governing Document (Revised 2/20/14)
Investment Pool Operating Procedures (Eff 1/1/15)
Liquor Liability (CIVIL LAW) (Adopted 1/00)
Michigan Sales & Use Tax Guidelines (Revised 1/7/10)
Parish Finance Council Guidelines (Updated 8/22/2019)
Parish Internal Control Procedure (Updated 5/22/00)
Parish Pastoral Council Guidelines (Revised 1/1/05)
Raffle Guide (Revised 7/24/14)
Record Retention Guidelines (Implemented 1/00)
Tamper Evident Bag Procedures (Updated 1/1/2009)
Voter Guides (8/2012)
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