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Office of Catholic Schools

Mark Salisbury, Superintendent of Catholic schools

October 2021

Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians,

This school year began with very good news on two fronts.

First, Holy Name Catholic High School, a Chesterton Academy, opened in Escanaba this fall. This is good news in so many ways for our students, parents and diocese. High school years are a critical formation period in the lives of teenagers. Holy Name Catholic High School provides a joyful school environment rooted in our Catholic faith and aimed at growth in charity, wisdom, and virtue. The fruits that will come from this educational foundation through these students is sure to bless our diocese for many, many years to come.
The second piece of good news is that seven of our eight Catholic grade schools have grown in enrollment this fall. For the 13 years I have monitored it, this is the first time that we have had so many of our schools grow at the same time. While we are still analyzing what has led to this widespread growth, I am confident that two factors in particular have contributed.

The first is how well our schools have responded to the Covid crisis, both when it began and during the following school years as we have worked to keep our students safe while they continue to learn in an optimal way. Due to great sacrifice on everyone’s part and strong local leadership, all of our schools were open last year, comparing quite favorably to many schools in the U.P. I have heard how grateful many people have been for the work of our principals, teachers and staff during these trying times. Thank you for your trust in us as we continue to navigate this situation into the future.

Second, our principals and teachers are doing an outstanding job serving, educating, and loving our students and families. We work to educate students according to a proven and authentically Catholic curriculum in sync with students’ pedagogical and psychological age level needs. Schools grow mainly by word-of-mouth from parent to parent. When parents and students are thriving, the word gets out and more families want this experience for their children. It all starts with the faith witness and competence of our teachers and principals. Our schools are truly blessed with many faithful and excellent teachers.

Please pray frequently for all of our students, families, and staff to remain healthy and safe, and also in gratitude for the gift of Catholic Education.
We place our hope in the Lord.

May God bless you,

Mark Salisbury
Director of Education and Evangelization
Diocese of Marquette

Phone: (906) 227-9127 | E-mail:

Our Catholic Schools have been busy learning in their classrooms.

Foundations Document for the Catholic School Curriculum of the
Diocese of Marquette

Our parish schools are currently transitioning into a new Catholic curriculum. In 2014, Bishop John Doerfler approved the foundations document for the Catholic school curriculum. Click here to view.


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