If you suspect financial misconduct in the diocese...

Visit www.redflagreporting.com on the web or

Call 1-(877)-647-3335

and use this client code 8005629745

This is NOT for 9-1-1 type emergencies

A financial/fraud hotline solution provided by “Red Flag Reporting” is being used by the Diocese of Marquette. Red Flag Reporting is an independent organization that is dedicated to protecting organizations, their employees, and their assets. Simply put, this service allows employees to report any concerns regarding improper activity within the workplace including theft, safety issues, harassment, discrimination, substance abuse, and the like. This service is 100% independent from the Diocese of Marquette and allows reporters to remain completely anonymous if they choose.

It is important to know that no event has caused us to look into this service. Rather, this is part of our on-going efforts to ensure that we have strong internal controls and a positive “tone at the top.” This type of service has been touted as the best practice by the likes of the Society for Human Resource Management, Harvard Law School, the American Institute of CPA’s, and many others. We chose Red Flag Reporting as a provider of this service because they have a very positive tone that supports working for the common good. Our intent and motivation is to protect our co-workers, assets, and reputation. In basic terms, we are not looking to create witch-hunts; we are looking to prevent one bad apple from spoiling the bunch. It is also important to know that open doors remain open. We do encourage you to speak directly with a supervisor when you identify concerns; however, you will also have a new option via Red Flag Reporting.

To file a report, simply visit www.redflagreporting.com and click on “File a Report” or call 1-(877)-647-3335. Either way you will need to provide our client code, which is 8005629745. We will also be hanging posters in each parish and school with this information available. Red Flag Reporting features a toll free number with live operators and web availability 24/7. Whether you call or report online, you have the option of remaining completely anonymous.

We would like everyone to take the time to watch two very brief videos (roughly 2-4 minutes each). The first video explains the importance of the service. The second explains how to file a report, which is very simple and self-evident regardless of where you choose to file.

Red Flag Reporting – Overview – Employees
Red Flag Reporting – Filing A Report – Employees

We are grateful to have this constructive service as a part of our work environment and while we certainly don’t want it abused, we do want you to feel very comfortable using it to report legitimate concerns. Please also know that we will take an “innocent unless proven otherwise” approach with all reports. Let me know if you have any questions. Please note that this service is not for general HR related questions. You should continue to contact your manager or HR for those type of issues. Also, this service is not for 9-1-1 type emergencies.

- Timothy Thomas, Executive Director of Administration and Finance

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